travel further with less.

Apparel for the modern traveler made from reclaimed plastic waste in a factory that pays living wages.


Everest Textile - Taiwan

recycled materials &
certified planet-friendly
transparent sourcing
ethical manufacturing process
that pay a living wage
because everybody travels
& every body matters
quality travel essentials
designed to go everywayre

how she wayre's it


At wayre, we believe travel isn't just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. We think travel is the greatest teacher we have to experience and understand our colorful world. There aren’t many other things in life that bring the same freeing joy as pulling up to a new foreign city ready to explore it, or the thrill of communicating in a new language.

We also know, travel isn’t always as glamorous as we would like it to be. And packing can be a hassle with all the ‘unexpecteds’ we try to plan for.

That’s where we come in.

Say goodbye to overpacking & hello to your simplified travel wardrobe. wayre makes apparel for the modern traveler (or everyday wear, if you’re into it) made from reclaimed plastic waste - functional, lightweight and built to keep up with you. We’re all about traveling further with less. (Less stuff. Less waste. Less... You’ll see).

Happy travels.


two travelers +

many packing dilemmas +

a long list of places to see =