Wide Hair Scrunchie

Color: Used Black

Wear the wide scrunchie half up and half down, as a high pony, in a chic low bun or as a wrist accessory to complete your matching wayre set. The scrunchie’s adaptable design basically makes it our look-put-together-without-even-trying hair accessory.

The sturdy internal elastic holds hair snug and helps keep flyaways out of your face while you travel and explore (and snap killer photos to make your friends jealous, obviously). 

Our scrunchies are made with eco-friendly upcycled and repurposed Like-Silk fabric scraps from our garment cutting process to save the cuts from going to waste.

Solids: 84% recycled plastic bottles, 8% recycled spandex, 6% spandex

Plaids: 84% recycled plastic bottles, 14% recycled spandex

Sold individually or in our limited collection 3 packs. *Limited collection 3 packs include one scrunchie in each color.* 


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Made with our  Bluesign certified Like-Silk fabric. 86% Recycled Plastic Bottles (PET). 8% Recycled spandex, 6% Spandex. Ethically & sustainably made in Taiwan by Everest Textile.
Wash Care: Wash cold, hang dry. That's it. 
For added protection of the garment & our planet,
wash in a Guppy Bag to capture sneaky micro-waste.

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