With sustainability and intention at the center of every design, our materials are designed to last and be worn all over the globe. We take post-consumer plastic waste saved from landfills in Asia and reclaim their life–recycling at it’s finest. We source the highest grade and uncompromising quality fibers and build fabrics with planet-focused methods, utilizing dramatically less water, energy and waste compared to compositions such as cotton. Each of our fabrics are certified non-toxic by Bluesign, the strictest sustainable textile certification out there. Meet our travel performance heroes: Like-silk and Aire-flex.


Our Like-Silk fabric is bluesign certified, the highest sustainability certification you can acquire in the textile industry which traces the entire supply chain from fiber creation, chemical application, to fabric finish.

Ethically & sustainably made in Taiwan, our like-silk fabric is produced by Everest Textile. This eco fabric is hyper lightweight yet durable with a little stretch- so it moves with you on your travels. The built in technology detracts from liquid messes (wine, duh) and instantly recovers its shape after unfolding from your suitcase and is easy to pack.


Now boarding Aire-Flex: a travel performance, 100% recycled mechanical four way stretch fabric that flexes and treks with your every step. Premium durability with plenty of natural give and a revolutionary handfeel. Blue signed ceritifed non toxic and always ethically produced in Taiwan.

Spill-proof, 30 UPF, stank proof, anti-wrinkle and certified nontoxic by Bluesign. Aire-Flex is made from post-consumer plastic waste collected from landfills in Taiwan.