White High Tech Washable Mask - BUNDLES


Available in of bundles of 3 - 100

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wayre High Tech masks are highly functional, highly filtering masks. Made from a 5 layer technology with water repellency & n-PTFE nano-microporous film to physically filter out viral bacteria from the air, protecting from droplet transmission.

Our masks have a flexible iron bar to adjust nose fit & customizable elastic ear band. They provide full coverage and are PM2.5 filtering with 99.9% effective protection. 

If properly cared for, our masks can be washed at least 25 times before the 99% filtering nano-membrane begins to wear. We recommend each person has 3 masks on hand (one to wear, one on deck & one to wash) to minimize the need for replacements. 

Our masks are made in a sustainable & ethical factory that pays living and fair wages.

Please Note: These masks are not a direct substitute for N95, surgical, or procedural masks and are NOT FDA approved.

This is a personal use item and cannot be returned or exchanged. 

Want to nerd out? Read the full specs of our High Tech Washable masks here.

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