wayre team
We currently do not have have any openings, but if you think you'd be an asset to our team and are as obsessed with travel and sustainability as we are, we'd love to hear what you've got: team@shopwayre.com


wayre is shaking up the travel industry by delivering a beautifully simplified and functional wardrobe for the modern traveler. wayre reimagines and elevates travelwear, bringing modern style and functionality to every type of female traveler, no matter the direction she is heading. We produce everything in inclusive sizing and it’s all made from reclaimed plastic waste in an ethical and sustainable factory. We don’t just push boundaries, we leap over them and continue running. 

Championing change in an industry is no small feat. We’ve been pouring our hearts into developing boundary-breaking products for our quickly growing, authentic community. We are passionate about creating sustainable and systemic change in the travel and apparel industry.

How far will you go in wayre?